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We can offer the following products and system solutions for the VOIP telephony:
- Preconfigured IP PBX servers with up to 16 analog ports and up to 4 T1/E1/J1 digital ports based on the TrixBox and Elastix Asterisk distributions mini-ITX, X-Cube, 1U
- Analog PCI and PCI-express cards with 4 - 16 FXO/FXS ports
- Digital T1/ E1 / J1 cards with 1 - 4 ports with hardware echo cancellation modules
- GSM SIP VOIP gateways single and multi channels - 4 bands
- GSM FXO /FXS analog phone terminals - gateways - 4 bands
- IP phones up to 6 lines (extensions)
- WiFi SIP IP phones with media IP streaming ( TV/Radio)
- Skype trunk software gateways for Windows (up to 16 trunks)
- Skype trunk software gateways for Linux Asterisk IP PBX (up to 30 trunks) ( TrixBox / Elastix compatible
- Dual GSM / WiFi VOIP smart cell phones / PDA based on embedded Linux - touch screen, games, IP, e-mail - all in one portable device- 4 bands ( 850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
- VOIP FXO and FXS PSTN gateways 2, 4, 8 ports
- Skype USB - FXS adapters



We can offer the following products and system solutions for your networking needs:

- Network Storage Servers (NAS) - RAID 0 - 10 with 4 and 5 trays, barebones and preconfigured per request - Thecus 4100+,
Thecus 5200B, Thecus 5200PR, 5200Pro, 5200Pro BR
- Media servers - Preconfigured PCLinuxOS servers in mini-ITX, X-Cube and 1U packages
- IPCop Firewall servers
- FreeNAS servers with RAID 0 - 5 configurations



We can offer the following Multimedia products and systems:

- Media Network Storage Server (Media NAS)
- TV Media wireless adapter/media streamer (HDTV supported) - Mediagate MG-4500HD
- HDD Media Players with hard drives up to 1TB with wired and wifi networking support
- Portable HDD media players/recorders with 7" LCD screen and DVB-T TV
- Custom Home theater systems with network storage, media adapters, RF Headphones (multiple headphones up to 15 from one transmitter)

Please contact us via e-mail with all your specific requests.



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